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Serving the international airlines operating in Brazil and Latin America, we offer a wide range of products ranging from disposable items to chilled or frozen food, water, soft drinks, juices, hot drinks and wines. As a result of our international expertise, we have gained a solid reputation and became a trusted solution in an ever changing economic scenario.

We have access to a wide range of products which meet the needs of each customer, from Economy Class to First Class, and we are always in search of new products that represent the latest trends in the global market.
Our products are at the disposal of those who really know what in-flight service is all about.

We are suppliers of the main airline catering items, both in Brazil and in Latin America. We offer complete management solutions in the supply chain of Food Service, providing the necessary assistance so that our partners can deliver quality products and a fair price to their customers.

We rely on an infrastructure which is properly suited to the segment needs and that strictly follows the standards of food hygiene of the Brazilian and international legislation. Our staff includes an Executive Chef, who not only signs our menus but also oversees the preparation of the dishes. We understand that each customer is unique.

People - This is our great advantage! Professionals with experience in aviation catering and passionate for what they do, working from receipt of your order to delivery of services, and committed to meeting your request.

For us, buying a product or ingredient that makes up our menus is not a simple act of purchase but it means assuming responsibility for its quality and origin. We are highly concerned that our suppliers are equally qualified and work in line with our philosophy, ensuring the high standard of our services.

Our kitchen is fully air-conditioned, ensuring safe temperatures from receipt in storage areas, during cooking and at final assembly. All our vehicles are cooled and meet the temperature requirements for any type of service, for chilled or frozen items.

We work in our production process with the international system of colors per day of production, facilitating the visualization of the dates of production and shelf-life controls.
In our In-Flight Meals Menu you will find a wide choice of services that suit your needs. For short flights, cold or hot snacks will be quickly at your disposal, but if you spend several hours flying, we also offer several dining options, lunch and breakfast.

If none of the options available in our menu is the one you want, depending on time availability we can create for you complete and customized meals that will surely surprise you.


  • Collect all the used material for washing, cleaning and return to the aircraft;
  • Provide laundry services for blankets, pillowcases, napkins, and towels;
  • Provide flowers and table arrangements;
  • Board your favorite newspapers and magazines, whether domestic or foreign;
  • Offer Amenity Kits for your comfort while on board and Kids Kits to amuse the little passengers.
Using the experience gained with the airlines, we are suppliers of the largest cruise companies operating in Brazil today, providing on-board hospitality solutions, food, beverages and disposables.

We are accredited in all agencies of control and inspection, like the National Health Surveillance Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Coast Guard, Customs, and we are also accredited to export.

Our logistics structure meets the main ports of the country.
Diversification, flexibility and innovation, tailored to meet companies that need prepared and agile partners who understand their real needs.

We offer meal solutions for coffee breaks, business encounters, exhibitions or any other event that requires a solid infrastructure and expertise.
Demanding, dynamic and diverse, hotels are companies where these adjectives are taken quite seriously, because people are part of its core business. We understand this concept and offer a range of diversified products as well as an excellent structure for research and development of new products and suppliers. We also ensure an adequate logistics to meet their needs.
For the more demanding customers, at their stopover, we provide food services with the safety and reliability of years of partnership with the largest airlines in the world and renowned national and international brands.

In addition to the preparation of food and supply of beverages, we offer well-trained waiting staff, besides an impeccable cleaning service, providing our customers with a complete solution to their lounges.
We supply all kinds of food, beverages and dry consumables, chilled and frozen for vessels, including tanker ships, container ships and oil tankers. Our main concern is to provide a complete solution in the required time and desired quality, always exceeding the expectations of our customers. We have the ability to promptly solve the daily challenges of this type of operation.

Knowing the great sensitivity in providing groceries in this segment, CVL Foods offers reliability through Ceccarelli Hortifruti, founded in 1984 and today part of the Assisi Holding Group.

With our own fleet, modern and air-conditioned, all of our vehicles comply with the requirements of port authorities. We are available to serve our customers on a 24
Reliability in the processes is the guarantee that customers of clinical laboratories need and for that, CVL Food Service, a leading provider of dry ice for airlines, in a partnership with Dasa Network (Delboni Laboratories, Lavoisier, Sergio Franco, Alvaro, Alta, Cytolab , Previlab, Bronstein and others) provides the dry ice that ensures the integrity of the material collected, until the time of completion of the analysis. In addition, we provide snacks, cookies, juices and mineral water to provide comfort and sense of caring for patients of these companies.
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